Toilet Seat Sanitizer
Concerned about personal hygiene


If you are concerned about personal hygiene, particularly when you have young children to care about, then Safe4u Toilet Seat Sanitizer is the ideal product to keep tucked in your handbag or pocket for whenever you are out and about, whether shopping, travelling, eating out or attending events.

Just spray then dry

If you find a public toilet isn't clean, simply lightly spray the toilet seat, then dry with toilet tissue, leaving just a fresh lemongrass fragrance and the peace of mind of knowing your environment is now as clean as it is at home.

99% germ free

This sanitizing cleaner dries quickly while killing 99.9% of germs, without leaving any harmful chemicals or residues.

In toilet cleaning aisle in IGA and Masters

You'll find Safe4u Toilet Seat Sanitizer in the toilet cleaning section of IGA supermarkets and in Masters stores. Look for the red, white and blue packs.



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